Zenith Slats End Table

SKU: SH11003

The "Zenith Slats Series" is the embodiment of timeless design reimagined for modern living. Each piece, adorned with elegantly crafted slats, draws inspiration from the linear grace of contemporary architecture, offering a clean and cohesive aesthetic. The dark, rich tones of the wood lend a grounded, earthy feel, while the repetitive slatted motif provides a soothing sense of order and sophistication. This series is not just about form and function—it's about creating a tranquil backdrop for everyday life, reflecting the quiet luxury of simplicity.

Material: Sheesham

Finish: Walnut

Dimensions: 41x41x46 cm

                    16x16x18 inch

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Zenith Slats End Table

Zenith Slats End Table

Rs. 0.00

Zenith Slats End Table

Rs. 0.00

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