Aurora Regal Wardrobe

SKU: SH04001

The name 'Aurora Regal Collection' draws inspiration from the mesmerizing light display of the aurora borealis, reflecting the rare and regal blend of colors and patterns in nature. This mirrors the distinctive union of natural wood grain with exquisite metal inlay found in our furniture pieces. 'Regal' signifies the elevated quality and meticulous attention to detail in our furniture-making process. With 'Aurora Regal Collection,' we narrate a tale of rare natural splendor, masterful craftsmanship, and the harmonious convergence of elements.

Material: Mango

Finish: Natural

Dimensions: 90x61x199 cm

                    36x24x78 inch

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Aurora Regal Wardrobe

Aurora Regal Wardrobe

Rs. 0.00

Aurora Regal Wardrobe

Rs. 0.00
Material: MANGO WOOD

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